SSF Cybersäkerhet

Guide to basic cybersecurity

IT environments at companies and organizations are exposed to threats and risks. The threats and risks arise from malicious code which affect or attempt to take over your IT systems, emails or SMS messages.

Today it is absolutely essential to be fully aware of the most common cyber threats, and to protect against them. Show that you take the risks seriously by ensuring you have basic IT security in place, train your personnel and certify your organization.

Computers and mobile devices

How securely are your organization’s computers, mobile phones and tablets connected? Basically all computers today have to be connected to the internet in various ways to be able to address the organization’s needs. Mobile phones and tablets frequently have the same access as computers at the workplace. Several measures are needed to avoid the risk of intrusion and loss of information. Utilization of strong passwords and encryption are two of the measures required to protect the organization.
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Secure your software and apps

Downloading an app does not involve any risk, right? But what happens if the app damages your IT system or introduces malicious code? Only download software and apps from well-known sources. Malicious code generally takes advantage of known vulnerabilities in the operating system and software, so be sure to update them continually.
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Protect your network

What would happen if an unauthorized party accessed your organization’s data through your network? The organization’s firewalls must be secure and passwords must be strong. Information must also be encrypted to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
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Secure your external IT services

Does your organization utilize external suppliers to help out with cloud services or server operation and maintenance? The supplier may have a great deal of insight into the flow of information. You need to have a legal agreement in place to govern how the service is used and where the information is located.
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Verify permissions

Does your organization have procedures in place to determine who is authorized to access your IT systems? The organization’s needs determine which permissions and which IT systems employees can access. There need to be clear procedures in place for this.
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Train employees — more knowledge, fewer mistakes

The human factor is responsible for most IT-related incidents. In order to achieve basic security, it is crucial that all employees and suppliers have the knowledge, attitude and understanding required to reduce the risk of mistakes being made.
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Test your company’s IT security!

How good is your company’s IT security? Do a test and get some idea of how your company is doing in this regard. The test will take about 10 minutes to complete and consists of questions relating to 6 different areas. It will give you an idea about cybersecurity within your organization.

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Certify your company

Show that you take cyber security seriously. Certify your company or organization. What are you waiting for?

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